1.Digging a hole and pouring of the concrete slab.

1.1. Basic rules for proper installation.

and / statistical rule: Before installing the pool you need to comply with external or internal space where we put, as well as buildings or way around it.

b / level of underground water: In case came underground water is important to know its maximum level and to depart from the place where you install the pool.

c / water in winter, never be drained from the pool

1.2. Excavation work. Expanse of the pool is done according to preliminary drawing with it as rather stick to the given size, the smaller will be the cost of material and work. The depth of the hole comply with whether the customer wishes to enter the whole Pool in the ground or small part to remain above the surface.

1.3. Concrete slab. The minimum thickness of the concrete slab is 100 mm and fitting is required.

1.4.Mnogo is important to keep maximum leveling of the concrete slab for each curvature is visible when filling the pool with water, and will be equal to the water surface.

2. ventured to the pool and backfilling.

2.1. Pool embarks on a concrete slab, which is rinsed perfectly from any junk and fast with fiber which is 2 cm thick. Outside the walls of the pool (if the customer wants) be affixed with foam or fiber with a thickness of 3 cm 2 against injury and better insulation.

2.2. In the pool pour water about 30 cm and then start from the outside manually backfilling of sand about 40 cm and in no case be tamped. Further, in leveling the sand with water, continue pouring water up to 70 centimeters, while backfilling with sand to that height to which end the day .The others are still filling with water and backfilling of sand in the same way as the day in 30-35 cm to the filling level. Sand pour plenty of water to be able to fully settle and samotrambova. Failure to satisfy all installation instructions can reach collapse and subsidence around the pool, which can lead to an injury. For which no responsibility.

3. Winterizing Pool.

3.1. Water does not drain from the pool.

3.2. Fill empty bottles of soft drink or mineral water with sand half to be able to sink a little and make a small hole in the cap. Then arrange them and Link up one another to the wall of the pool around conn (More than bottles, the better). Put 1-2 small bottles and skimming people were pushing (spillway).

3.3. Close all valves in the engine compartment (filter) entering and leaving the pump and filter.

3.4. Unscrew and glass covers of the filter and the pump to drain water from the system (the small of the filter plug, not great, they are next to each other)

3.5. Turn off the power

3.6. For better preservation of the water remains clean and clear cover with nylon or canvas cover. This can help save spring and drain and clean the pool.



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