Въпроси и Отговори

Най-често задаванитевъпроси

Отговори на най-често задаваните въпроси по изграждането на Pools от Piters Pools .

Our Pools are suitable for any backyard have different shapes and sizes Pools and Jacuzzi.

To currently do not have permits for Pools of the caliber of our Pools.

We recommend building a new Pools from early spring to late autumn.

The construction of the pool is suitable to carry out the construction of your house, but not necessarily, every moment is convenient to decide on this step ..

Yes we can offer leasing finance our page of Leasing .

Depending on the size of vapshiya Pool and how often trigger filtering system ...

We will offer the best modern preparations for keeping the water in your Pool clean and crystal

Absolutely. In our opinion, all swimming Pools can use solar energy for heating.

We offer several variants to cover Pools.

Yes, we dokolkot area of ​​your home allowed.

The guarantee for manufactured and installed by us Pools 6 / six / years

We produce our Pools of high quality Austrian vinylester resins

Yes amendments to izvarshzhat Pools are in place and are completely unobtrusive