Pool Paradise

Pool-Paradise - sizes 10 m / 4 m / 1.5 m with built-Pool (Jacuzzi)

Is in stock and can be ordered right now.   Pool-Paradise with built Poolche (Jacuzzi)   1. Pool 10 m / 4.2 m / 1.55 m   2. Filtration System (best, ASTRAL POOL) and its installation to activation of the pool:   - Tsirkolatsionna pump Sand filter shestpaten valve cleaning 3br. Underwater lighting (spotlights) and Transformers them, 4 pcs. Drip nozzles 2br.Skimar (overflow), El. Centre fuses and protections clock for pump and remote control spotlight. Valves, fittings, hoses, cables and everything needed to operate the pool. Accessories for cleaning and preparations for the season.   3. Transport (supply of pool) to the installation site.   Important: Our Pools NOT plastic and are not fabricated. Made of high quality glassmat, resins, gel-coat and ceramics that are resistant to weathering and UV rays.

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    • long life
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